Showing some gratitude.

This is for all you developers who devote most if not all of your time and labor learning code and writing programs, applications, extensions, add-ons, etc., and are willing to share so freely with the rest of us.

Due to serious financial hardships my wife and I have not been able to help out much with donations or contributions so until (or if) we are ever able, it is my desire to list and give credits to all of you who have greatly helped us in every aspect of personal computing and the internet.

I believe there is  a great deal of needless anxiety and distrust among the general population when it come to terms or phrases such as freeware, one such persons being ME.

I am hoping I can help shed a little light on this subject and maybe alleviate some of the anxiety or stress many of us less enlightened or uninformed folks often experience.

It is my personal belief that most of the problems I have concerning any of this is due to my own ignorance of the math and code involved in the writing of these programs, apps or whatever they be named.

This seemingly only leaves me with the option of checking profiles and joining the forums or websites owned and operated by this great community of people whom I have mostly come to know by the name or title Open Source.

To be Continued.


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